Tracfone LG 840g Review with Triple Minutes for Life

Tacfone LG 840gThe Tracfone LG 840g is a great looking Touchscreen upgrade for Tracfone users.  The 840g has funky square design that I really like. I guess LG doesn’t want to get sued by Apple so they steered clear from the rectangular shape with round corners since Apple has a patent on that evidently. What’s great about this phone is that the touchscreen is of the capacitive type so the touchscreen is much more responsive than Tracfones of the past such as the Motorola ex124 and LG800.  In addition to the capacitive screen, you also get capacitive type buttons just below the screen which light up when you touch them. By the way, the Tracfone LG840g comes with Triple Minutes for life of the phone.


Physically, this phone is pretty compact and fits nicely in the pocket. It’s good thing the phone is compact in size because remember that the phone has some squarish corners which aren’t quite as comfortable in the pocket as a rounded corner device. The device measures approximately 3 1/2″ tall, about 2 1/4″ inches across and a little bit over 1/2″ in thickness. The screen is about 3″ measured diagonally and the thing weighs in at a little over 4 ounces. The body is all black plastic with a shiny black bezel surrounding the entire phone which gives it an attractive and modern look. Overall, the phone looks and feels very modern, certainly not a phone you will be ashamed of.  In fact, it very much has the look feel of an Android device.

The feature list is pretty standard for a phone of this type. We have a built in mp3 player, a good 3 mega pixel camera , programmable ring tones, excellent Texting interface and more.  Finally, the 840 offers WiFi and fast 3g data capabilities which are huge upgrades over some of the older Tracfones. The only other Tracfone as of this writing that offers this feature set is the Samsung S390g but that is a full QWERTY phone without touchscreen capabilities. Overall, I really liked the LG 840g and found it to be a pretty capable device for Tracfone. There are a few quirks about it that can be somewhat annoying such as the non QWERTY interface when entering text boxes in the browser but those aren’t really deal breakers. Now this is still not a smartphone by any means but it still a pretty good phone that would make an excellent replacement for any outdated Tracfone.