Tracfone LG 840g How to Enable QWERTY Keypad

By default, the LG 840g comes with the old school alpha numeric keypad enabled instead of the QWERTY keypad which we are all used to. Follow these instructions for enabling the LG 840g QWERTY keyboard.

1. Open either the Browser or the Text Messaging screen.

2. From the Text Messaging screen, tap the Create New Message, then tap the text entry part of the screen to enable the text editor. If on the browser, tap the address bar as if to enter a new URL to enable the text editor.

3. From either of the two screens, tap the upper right hand icon (square with 3 lines).

4. Tap Input Method and select Keyboard.

That’s it, you have enabled the QWERTY keyboard for the browser address bar and text messaging. Be aware that you will still get the alpha numeric keypad on certain screens. Those cannot be changed.