Straight Talk LG Optimus Showtime Android 4.0 Full Review

LG Optimus Showtime

The Straight Talk LG Optimus Showtime is the top of the line phone in the new Optimus series, at least as of this writing.  As with all the new fangled Optimuses, the Showtime retains the very square and rectangular lines we’ve come to expect like.  What’s notable about the Optimus Showtime is that it brings us the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwhich operating system and a very robust 1.0 ghz processor. This combination makes for an excellent device. In fact, I will go so far to say that this phone will probably perform just as well as the more expensive Android 2.3 phones such as the LG Black. With that in mind, the $249 price tag is not bad all things considered. Check Showtime Availability in you Area


The LG Optimus Showtime comes with the now familiar Optimus design. As I have mentioned before, I find these square phones to be quite attractive probably because I am so tired of the typical oval cornered design.  Design touches include an attractive dark silver metal look plastic bezel that surrounds the screen. The buttons an this one are the same as they are in all the new Straight Talk Optimus phones, in other words, there are only 3 of them instead of the typical 4. The left and right ones are capacitive touch, while the center one is the traditional push variety. In case you’re wondering, the button that was left out was the Search which if you’re anything like me, you’ve never used it anyway. Despite the center button being of the push type, it is  nicely designed as it is inset into the body, not at all clunky feeling like some of the older Optimus phones.  The location of volume buttons is found on the left hand side, the charge/data port on the bottom , the head phone jack and power/lock button are on the top. Also new for this phone is the front facing camera not found on any other Straight Talk Optimus phone.


Hardware wise, the LG Optimus Showtime ships with a powerful 1.0 ghz processor.  The processor speed puts this phone in the upper mid-level section of the Straight Talk Android spectrum.  The Showtime also comes with an impressive 4.3″ screen so you have plenty of real estate for multimedia functions. Another notable feature on the phone are the front and back digital cameras which feature touch zoom capabilities as well as a neat geotagging feature that gets your location data and adds it to the picture. Overall, this phone offers a solid hardware feature set that’s plenty powerful for most if not all of the things most people do with their phones.


The LG Optimus Shotime comes with the latest Android 4.0, AKA Ice Cream Sandwhich. Some of the main highlights here are better multitasking, primarily making it easier to see which tasks are running and ability to kill said tasks. A much improved camera app which reduces if not removes the every annoying shutter lag. Improved Notifications and finally, the ability to install Google Chrome which is a new browser in Beta testing. All that said, the best thing about this new OS is the fact that it makes phones run a whole lot faster than they normally would if they had the older Android 2.3.  Android 4.0 makes the LG Showtime perform like a much more powerful and expensive phone than it really is. I’ll go out on a limb and say that this phone is on par with the LG Black which was the top of the line Straight Talk LG yet does it for about $100 less. Overall, I think this is the most impressive part of this phone.

Box Contents

The LG Optimus Showtime box contents include LG Optimus Showtime, battery, battery cover, data/charge cable, A/C plug and manuals.

Calling Area and Calling Plan

The LG Optimus Showtime is a CDMA phone so it will be activated with either Sprint or Verizon. You will need the $45 unlimited plan with this phone.

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The LG Showtime is probably the best overall offering by Straight Talk. You get an excellent Hardware feature ,  a large screen, cool camera features and the best Android Operating System to date. While the price is $250, it performs like a phone that would have been priced in the $300+ price range. Overall, I really recommend the LG Optimus Showtime if you’re looking for powerful all around device that does everything well , looks great and won’t cost a ton of money.



Straight Talk LG Optimus Showtime

Dimensions Height 4.94″ xWidth 2.64″ x Thickness 0.34″
Weight 4.3 Ounces
Form Factor Large Candybar Touchscreen
Network & Technology GSM cellular network and WiFi
Calling Plan Straight Talk $45 Unlimited
Processor 1.0 Ghz
SD Card/Internal Memory 4gb Included – Up to 32gb compatible
Android OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
Digital Camera/Video Rec 5.0 mega pixels, front camera, led flash, touch focus, geotagging pictures & 30 frames per sec recording
Screen 4.3″ Diagonal
Battery 15 days stand by & up to 6hrs talk
Button Types Physical Push Button and Capacitive touch buttons
USB microUSB v2.0
Audio Jack & Charging Standard 3.5mm iPod type / micro usb charge/data
Price $249