Straight Talk LG Optimus Dynamic LG L38C Review

Straight Talk LG Optimus Dynamic If you’re looking at the LG Optimus Dynamic, you might be wondering what exactly the difference is between it and the Optimus Logic? The answer is pretty simple, the Logic is GSM while the Dymamic is for CDMA customers. That means that the Optimus Dynamic will most likely be assigned the Verizon network and in some cases Sprint.

The LG Dynamic is a compact phone measuring 4.04″ in height, 2.42″ in width and .47″ in thickness. It is essentially about as wide and about 1/2″ taller than a standard playing card. Keep in mind that this is an entry level phone just like Optimus Logic. As such, this phone does have an 800 mhz processor so the more demanding apps such as Netflix will suffer.  The Dynamic does come with a 3.0 mp camera though no dedicated camera button. The rest of the layout is fairly basic. On the left you have the volume buttons, the top left has the 3.5mm audio jack, top left has the power/lock button and on the bottom you have the charge/data port. The body is all plastic design with a plastic screen. A gun metal finish bezel surrounds the screen featuring the 3 button Android button layout just below the screen as is becoming popular on most of the newer entry level devices. The left and right Android buttons are capacitive by the way, with the middle button being of the standard push type.

As far as apps, there isn’t a whole lot of extras here but all of the Android apps work very well and are all included. This means Google play, Google maps, Navigation, Gmail, Youtube are all available on the phone.  There are no Google apps that are missing or crippled in any way. Of course, you can download apps from Google play just as you would with any other Android device.

Conclusion, if for some reason you need CDMA instead of GSM and don’t want to spend a whole lot of money, then the LG Optimus Dynamic is the phone for you. It’s priced under $100 and has plenty of features to keep most entry level users happy. This is an excellent phone for young kids, teenagers, etc.