All About the Straight Talk LG L35G Optimus Logic

The LG L 35g may just be your next Straight Talk Android. Why you ask? Because it’s cool, it’s unique and it’s affordable, that’s why! As you can see, this is one rectangular phone and that’s what I really like about it. The other thing there is to like about it is the fact that it’s GSM. For me at least, there is far superior GSM coverage than there is CDMA so this phone is right up my alley. At $89, this “baby” Android is Straight Talk’s most affordable Android smartphone. Check Logic Availability in you Area

In case you’re wondering, no, this is not an iPad wanna be or anything like that. I know it looks like a table in the pic but in reality, this is a very compact phone. It’s actually one of the smaller Androids Straight Talk offers which again is contrary to what it looks like in the pic.  In fact, this phone is in the 3″-3.2″ category so the body of it is quite compact.  Another unusual design feature or oddity are the standard Android buttons. As you can see, it’s missing two buttons. In their place, is a single “Home” button but fret not because the phone does not lack functionality because of it.  I never used that magnifying glass button anyway.

Other than the button quirk mentioned above, a look around the phone reveals a pretty standard layout with volume rocker to the left, headphone jack on top, lock key to the right and charge port down at the bottom. Being it is an entry level device,  build material is what you would expect with an all plastic body and screen. The lovely silver trim is a nice touch, we must say even if it is plastic and not metal.  Being that this is an LG, construction quality is great for the price, doesn’t feel cheap or anything like that.

Feature wise, it’s an Android so you know you can do tons with this little phone. Now don’t worry about the fact it’s Straight Talk prepaid because this phone is fully functional. Straight Talk did not cripple it in any way like they do with some of their feature phones. Rest assured that every thing works on it, from Google play to GPS/Google Maps to installing apps and beyond.  Now you should be aware that this is an entry level number so the processor is not exactly a beast or anything. The phone uses an 800mhz processor which I must say works perfectly fine for the majority of app.  Do expect some of the more advanced games and poorly written apps to perform on the slow side.

What’s you get in the Box

If you’re considering this phone, then you need to know exactly what you’re getting for your $89 bones. Included, beside the phone itself of course, is the a/c plug with separate charge/data cable, pre-installed 4gb micro sd card, pre-installed standard sized sim card and Straight Talk manuals.


Overall, the LG L35G is an excellent value. I really like having something that not everybody has and this phone lets you do just that with it’s quirky design.  The price certainly is right and there isn’t much negative to say about it. If you like something more traditional yet want to stay in this price range, then take a look at the ZTE Merit as it is also GSM. On the CDMA side, take a look at the Samsung Precedent.