Straight Talk Huwawei Inspira Full Review

straight-talk-huawei-inspira-mainThe Straight Talk Huawei Inspira is an entry level 3.5″ screen Android 4.0 device with good specs considering the low $99 price tag.  Namely, the 1 ghz processor which up until the Inspira has typically gotten you 800mhz for your same $99.  Other than the nice processor and Android Ice Cream Sandwhich, everything else is fairly basic such as the 3.0 mp camera and 4gb internal memory.

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Aesthetics isn’t exactly a high point on the Inspira. The phone is rather basic looking with no fancy trim or decorative buttons. The phone is basically all black. The sides and back are a matte black with all black buttons. On a positive note, it does have rubberized feel sides and battery cover so it feels nice and smooth in the hand.

On the design side of things, there’s nothing new to speak of on this phone. You have your standard 3 button Android layout just below the screen. These are of the capacitive variety that light up on touches.  On the left we find the charge port, on top center there is the usual 3.5mm head phone jack, on the top right you have the lock/power button and on the right you find the volume buttons. There is no dedicated camera button on this phone.

Lastly, is the dimensions. The screen is of the 3.5″ diagonal variety.  Physical dimensions are  approximately 4.5″ in height, 2.5″ in width and a tad over .5″ in thickness. This brings me to one of the design elements which leave much to desired. Namely, a screen assembly that is about 1/8″ thick and is not flush with the body of the phone. This makes this phone a little chunkier than your typical entry level phone.


On the hardware side of things, the Inspira is not a bad little device. As previously mentioned, it comes with a 1 ghz processor which is always nice to find on a phone at this price level.  Other specs are about what you would expect on a phone like this.  For instance, the camera is only 3.0 mp so it’s not exactly a barn burner. Of course, the phone is all plastic including the screen which is about what you would expect.  Be aware that the Inspira does not come with a pre-installed microSD card so you will need to get your own in order to expand the meager 3gbs or so built into the phone. Of the 3gs, approximately 2.5 are available for usage.

As usual, you get gps capabilities, 3g data and WiFi. All work well so nothing to worry about there.  In the box, you will find an AC plug, charge/data cable and head phone. All in all, the hardware on this guy is pretty good for the $99. It comes with everything you expect and a bonus like the 1ghz processor. Don’t let the price fool you because this is a very capable phone.


The Inspira comes with Android 4.0 so you get all the usual apps such as Google Play, Youtube, Google Maps, Navigation, etc.  In addition to the typical Android stuff, you will find an FM Radio app which can come in handy in emergency situations. You will also find an Emergency Services app which broadcasts national and local emergencies such as tornado warnings, amber alerts, etc.

Since the phone has 1 ghz of processing power, most apps will work fine on this phone. This includes Netflix which has not always worked on entry level Huawei phones of old. No worries on this one because it works well on this phone.

Now everything isn’t positive in this arena. I found the phone to not be as responsive or accurate when the typing. I found that when tapping letters the phone wasn’t always accurate. Sometimes it would register the adjacent letter and on some occasions, a totally far off letter. So if you’re a big time texter, you might want to think twice before going for this phone and perhaps thinking about the Samsung Centura which I found to be very accurate and provide similar performance despite having an 800 mhz processor.

All in all, the phone is pretty good on the software side of things. Be aware that this isn’t the best typing phone in the world so if you do a lot of typing, you may want to think about the Samsung Centura.

Calling Area and Calling Plan

The Huawei Inspira is a GSM device so Straight Talk will activate your phone with either a AT&T or TMobile phone number. You will get 3g data. The phone will require a $45 calling card.


The Huawei Inspira is perhaps the best entry level phone for the GSM calling area. It does have its shortcomings but it’s certainly much better than most other GSM entry level phones. Now if you have better or equal CDMA coverage, then you may want to consider the Samsung Centura as it essentially provides the same performance and experience for the same price.




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Straight Talk Inspira

Dimensions Height 4.60″ x Width 2.43″ x Thickness 0.51″
Weight 4.50 Ounces
Form Factor Medium Candybar Touchscreen
Network & Technology GSM 3g cellular data network and WiFi
Calling Plan Straight Talk $45 Unlimited
Processor 1.0 ghz
SD Card/Internal Memory 2.5gb usable internal memory Included – Up to 32gb microSD compatible (no card included)
Android OS Windows 8
Digital Camera/Video Rec 3.2 mega pixels with LED flash (.3 front facing camera)
Screen 3.5″ Diagonal
Battery 13 days stand by & up to 7 hrs talk
Button Types Capacitive touch buttons
USB microUSB v2.0
Audio Jack & Charging Standard 3.5mm iPod type / micro usb charge/data
Price $99.99