Straight Talk Huwawei Inspira Full Review

The Straight Talk Huawei Inspira is an entry level 3.5″ screen Android 4.0 device with good specs considering the low $99 price tag.  Namely, the 1 ghz processor which up until the Inspira has typically gotten you 800mhz for your same $99.  Other than the nice processor and Android Ice Cream Sandwhich, everything else is […]

Straight Talk Windows 8 Huawei Ascend W1 Full Review

The Straight Talk Huawei Ascend W1 is the first Windows 8 device to be introduced by a US prepaid carrier. This is a quality device with excellent specs at an affordable price.  This phone features a 1.2 ghz dual core processor, 5mp main camera, .3 mp front camera, gorilla glass and of course, the Windows […]

Compare the Straight Talk LG Showtime and Huawei Ascend Plus

Today we compare two excellent Straight Talk phones that look and perform quite similar. Either phone would make for a great device and both come with Android 4.0 and have very similar specs. Check Straight Talk Availability in you Area Comparison Table LG Showtime Huawei Ascend Plus Dimensions Height 4.94″ xWidth 2.64″ x Thickness 0.34″ […]

Compare Straight Talk Samsung Centura with Samsung Galaxy Proclaim

Today we compare the Straight Talk Samsung Centura and the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim since these are similarly designed, though very differently priced devices. Check Samsung Straight Talk Availability Comparison Table Samsung Galaxy Centura Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Dimensions Height 4.5″ xWidth 2.4″ x Thickness 0.54″ Height 4.50″ xWidth 2.35″ x Thickness 0.45″ Weight 4.4 Ounces 4.05 […]

Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy Centura Android 4.0 Full Review

The Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy Centura is an entry level sub $100 sub compact CDMA Android with excellent features despite the low price. If you’re looking for an affordable entry level device, then the Centura is probably the phone you want to get. It’s quite affordable yet you still get Samsung quality and features. What’s […]

Straight Talk LG Optimus Showtime Android 4.0 Full Review

The Straight Talk LG Optimus Showtime is the top of the line phone in the new Optimus series, at least as of this writing.  As with all the new fangled Optimuses, the Showtime retains the very square and rectangular lines we’ve come to expect like.  What’s notable about the Optimus Showtime is that it brings […]

Straight Talk LG Optimus Quest CDMA Android 2.3 Full Review

The LG Optimus Quest (model LG L46C) is an interesting phone in that it does not really offer anything new to the Straight Talk Android line up. In fact, this is of the older Optimus designs since it has the oval corners as opposed to the square corners found on the newer Optimuses. The phone […]

Straight Talk LG Optimus Extreme Android 4.0 Review

The LG Optimus Extreme is a new phone in the LG Optimus line. While this phone is more of an entry level device, it is notable because it is one of the first Straight Talk phones with the newer Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System. The Extreme brings us some nice little upgrades over […]

Compare The Straight Talk LG Optimus Logic and Optimus Dynamic

Today, we compare two essentially identical phones, the LG Optimus Dynamic and the LG Optimus Logic. Both of these are entry level compact devices in the same price range. Well, not quite because the Logic costs about $10 more than the Dynamic. Check Straight Talk Availability Comparison Table Straight Talk LG Optimus Dynamic Straight Talk […]

Tracfone LG 840g How to Turn Off Screen and Button Press Sounds

Like most other Tracfone touchscreen phones, the LG840g comes with the screen touch/press sound feedback turned on which can get quite annoying. There are two places where you can turn these off. One turns it off the sounds when pressing the main screen, the other turns off the dial tone when pressing the 3 main […]